Efficient Tools Seminar

Spring 2017, I started the “E.T.” Seminar: Efficient Tools for Research. This research seminar is intended to share useful tools (mostly softwares) within my research team (IETR AUT).

Efficient Tools Seminar - banner

3) Julia, my new friend for computing and optimization?

A joint presentation with Lilian Besson on Julia, a quite new language (~2012) for high performance numerical computation. Presented at IETR seminar in Vannes, June 2018.

I also included a usage example of the JuMP package (quite similar to Yalmip in Matlab, cf. previous ET Seminar), which I find very useful for my work on optimal energy management.

2) Version Control with Git

“accelerated tutorial for busy academics”, in two parts. January 2018 at CentraleSupélec, Rennes.

Outline based on Software Carpentry's “Version Control with Git” lesson.

Git merge animation

1) YALMIP: Optimization Made Easy

A short introduction to YALMIP and the usage of Modeling Languages/Layers for Optimization in general. Demo application: grid-connected PV-battery system to maximize self-consumption.  April 6th, 2017 at CentraleSupélec, Rennes.