Python for control

Documents for the short (one hour) seminar

"Python for Signal & Control - an overview".

The seminar was held at Supélec, Rennes, on December 3, 2014.

1) Introduction

A 20 minutes introduction, with a discussion of the comparative functionalities of Matlab and Python, and an overview of the Python ecosystem. Slides:

This introduction is followed by an interactive demonstration, with examples taken from a signal & control curriculum.

2) Live demo with IPython Notebooks

Example 1 : IIR filter design

This Notebook illustrates some signal filtering functions from scipy.signal. They are similar to Matlab IIR filter design functions.


Example 2 : LQ Control

This Notebook illustrates the following libraries:

  • symbolic math with SymPy (
  • numerical regulator synthesis with python-control (
  • (and a bit of plotting with matplotlib,

...applied on the example of a Linear Quadratic control problem.


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