Visual timer app update

Back in July 2014, I made a small visual timer application for my PhD defense (45 minutes presentation in France, and then unlimited time for questions from the jury). It is a pure SVG graphic created with Inkscape, embedded in a lean html page, with some bits of javascript to control the animation. Also, it is meant to be fully responsive: it scales nicely on laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Visual timerApp update

This week, I've spent some time to update the app to significantly improve the useability. Beyond a strong visual refresh, key improvements are:

  • full offline mode support: no more need of an Internet connection after the first usage. This is achieved using a AppCache manifest file.
  • new pause/resume control button.

How to use the timer

This timer simply works in a (recent) browser: http://é On a desktop/laptop computer, using the fullscreen mode gives the best result.

Source code

The app is available under a CC-BY-SA license. Source code is on GitHub:

Possible future updates

I may take the time to add the necessary manifest file to turn this web app into an actual hosted Firefox OS app.