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RTE, the French Transmission system operator (TSO) launched in November 2010 the éco2mix web application where real-time updated data about the French electricity market (national consumption + detailed production) was made publicly available. Their Flash application displays this information nicely, but the raw data is also available for download, which is far more interesting...

I've started writing simple tools (Python-based) to download this data set and then process it. As of now, these tools are openly available on a GitHub repository. Various custom plotting functions should follow.

Interestingly enough, the éco2mix website proposes data only up to one month prior the current date. However, it appeared that the underlying data server can serve daily files as early as year 1900 ! Only those files are quite empty... 😉

The real daily data files are available starting June 26th 2000, but those only contain the national electricity consumption, along with the D-1 consumption forecast. The detailed electricity production data (Nuclear, Hydro, Wind, ...) has been only available since about 2010, that is when the éco2mix application was launched.

Author: pierre

assistant professor in Electrical Engineering & Control

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